Phoenix PLC-RSC- 12DC/21-21

    • PLC relay
    • Consists of base terminal block PLC-BSC.../21 with screw connection and pluggable miniature relay with power contact
    • For assembly on DIN rail NS 35/7.5, 2 PDT, input voltage 12 V DC

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    Coil side

    Nominal input voltage UN12 V DC
    Nominal input current at UIN33 mA
    Typical response time8 ms
    Typical release time10 ms
    Operating voltage displayYellow LED
    Protective circuitProtection against polarity reversal Polarity protection diode
     Free-wheeling diode Damping diode

    Contact side

    Contact typeSingle contact, 2-PDT
    Contact materialAgNi
    Maximum switching voltage250 V AC/DC (The separating plate PLC-ATP should be installed for voltages larger than 250 V (L1, L2, L3) between identical terminal blocks in adjacent modules. Potential bridging is then carried out with FBST 8-PLC... or ...FBST 500...)
    Minimum switching voltage5 V AC/DC (at 10 mA)
    Maximum inrush current15 A (300 ms)
    Min. switching current10 mA (At 5 V)
    Limiting continuous current6 A
    Interrupting rating (ohmic load) max.140 W (at 24 V DC)
     85 W (for 48 V DC)
     60 W (for 60 V DC)
     44 W (for 110 V DC)
     60 W (for 220 V DC)
     1500 VA (for 250 V AC)

    General data

    Width14 mm
    Height80 mm
    Depth94 mm
    Test voltage relay winding/relay contact4 kV AC (50 Hz, 1 min.)
    Test voltage PDT/PDT2.5 kV AC (50 Hz, 1 min.)
    Ambient temperature (operation)-40 °C ... 60 °C
    Ambient temperature (storage/transport)-40 °C ... 85 °C
    Operating mode100% operating factor
    Mechanical service life3 x 107 cycles
    Inflammability class according to UL 94V0
    Standards/regulationsIEC 60664
     EN 50178
     IEC 62103
    Rated surge voltage / insulation6 kV (safe isolation: control side / contact side)
    Pollution degree2
    Surge voltage categoryIII
    Mounting positionAny
    Assembly instructionsIn rows with zero spacing

    Connection data

    Connection methodScrew connection
    Conductor cross section solid min.0.14 mm²
    Conductor cross section solid max.2.5 mm²
    Conductor cross section stranded min.0.14 mm²
    Conductor cross section stranded max.2.5 mm²
    Conductor cross section AWG/kcmil min.26
    Conductor cross section AWG/kcmil max14
    Stripping length8 mm
    Screw threadM3

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